Our founder, Vijay Madan completed his education in chemistry, which triggered the reaction leading to the right mix in the dark room. The black and white photography was the trend of the time and using Russian enlargers, photography was experimented with. This may have handled the technical part, but where is the art. To answer this, we go to the earlier part of the story when portraits were made as a painter on the canvas. This love for art yielded results, which the artist loved, but there was scope for a quicker way. The answer was photography.

As this progressed, Zenith cameras came to be used and the house became the laboratory for developing and printing. With this portable camera, the street became the subject and a lot of street frames were captured.

Then came colour photography. Developing and printing started to get outsourced and the shift now focused on capturing the moment. The whole thrust shifted from getting the right chemical formula to capturing the right moment and the perfect composition. With this coming of colour, the interiors of buildings and the colour rich landscape scenery came to life. In 1997, the genesis of computer happened.